Bulky Sweaters for the Family

Sandees Kwik Knits Set In Sleeve Bulky Sweater Pattern Books for Machine Knitting Sandee Cherry

(Book #3)

Bulky Sweaters for the Family

Includes 30 sizes of bulky set-in sleeve sweaters for the entire family. Crewnecks, v-necks, and boatnecks. A variety of sleeves include regular set-in, padded pleated set in on the machine, knit-in, short and long sleeve.  Special techniques for a drop v-neck and vests. These may be worn year round.  Designs are not included.

•Beginner to Advanced Knitter
•Any Brand of Bulky Knitting Machine
•Sizes: Children's 0-32, Women's 32-50, Men's 34-50

Book 3 - $18.00