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International Orders
Sandee's Kwik Knit International Orders

Sept. 29, 2021: ALL International orders are suspended until further notice. 

From USPS: "Temporary Service Suspension — The U.S. Postal Service received notice that various postal operators are no longer able to process or deliver international mail or services originating from the United States due to service disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic."

The Postal Service suspension policies to many countries changes daily due to COVID-19 restrictions so this is out of my control. This means your order can ship, get all the way to the country you are in, a suspension is put in place in the meantime and then the order is sent back to us. I just had this happen to another customer and I feel it is better to block International at the present time. I will let you know when we are able to take your orders again. Thanks so much for understanding.

Email us if you have any questions.

Thanks, Sandee