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Classy Jacket Book For All Seasons Knitting Machine Book Sandee's Kwik Knit Year-Round Shrugs and Boleros Machine Knitting Book Sandee's Kwik Knit Sandee Cherry Sideway Knit Dolman Sweaters for Knitting Machines Sandee's Kwik Knit Machine Knitting Wrap Sweater Patterns Sandee's Kwik Knits Sandee Cherry Designing 101 Using the Magic Formula CD Video for Hand Knitting and Machine Knitting Sandee's Kwik Knit

Read what some of our customers have to say about our Books and Videos!!

I have just got to say, Sandee, that as a newcomer to machine knitting, I love your books!  It's been a slow process to learn the basic techniques but now I'm starting to move along. Thanks!  Mona

I bought your Garter Bar CD/Video recently. I have looked at it several times. Just wanted to let you know that I just love it. I do use my Garter Bar, but have not done some of the things you have done on it. You are and excellent teacher and I hope you put more techniques on CD's. Thank you so much, Margaret in TX

Thank You for understanding and shipping book 7 instead. I got it today, made my swatch yesterday, and I am working on the sample/test sweater in newborn size. I'm a very new machine knitter and I struggle with everything I try to make, but I have been able to follow your books without many problems.  Thanks again,  Debbi

The Designing 101 CD arrived today -- and it's already been a tremendous help!   I'm a Barbara G Walker and Elizabeth Zimmermann devotee when it comes to designing handknit garments in the round - but finally I can chart set-in sleeves that fit perfectly for flat knitting on my bulky knitting machine, without... well, tears :). Thanks a million - and what a friendly, supporting presentation it is (yes, I've been listening and watching it, pencil and calculator in hand, twice already).
Yours, Anna Stockholm, Sweden

I can't tell you how much I appreciate Book #1 -- It has become my sweater bible.   Dorothy

I have received the 2 CD’s on Thursday 18th and I have watched both of them. I find them very instructive.
Isabelle (a new fan of yours!)

I use your book a lot.  Just bought a Bulky so I would like to knit using your Bulky patterns.  There aren't too many books out with such a wide range of sizes.  Barbara

I have all of your books.  They are just great.  I love the Books and they are all I use anymore.  Thank you for such really great books. Toni

Your books are really super and show a lot of hard work.  You have done so many sizes and styles in one book.  Much needed books for machine knitting patterns at last.   Peggy

My cousin bought your book at a seminar.  When I looked at her book, I knew I had to have this book.   Julia

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished a sweater for my hubby in a windowpane 2 color tuck stitch. I used your set in sleeve basic sweater pattern. For the past 12 years I have been knitting and have never followed a pattern. The only thing that I have ever used was a knit leader. Your pattern worked like a charm and your instructions are a breeze. Thank you so very much for putting out wonderful patterns!    Susie - AL

I used your Book to make cheerleading sweaters.  Your books are super.   Peg

Sandee's Kwik Knit Book #1 is wonderful!  Grace

Received the books today and am I ever pleased.  Thanks so much.   Maureen

Thanks again for your great books, they have opened a new world to me for my knitting life. So far 10 sweaters out of your book -- each different.  So I have mastered your book and just love it!   Donna

I am using your book as a textbook and it is a super class.  You really have a winner!  Peg

Please send me Sandee's Kwik Knit Book #1.  My husband is tall and a large man and I have been looking for size 50 for a long time.  I have to have that book immediately.   Tonie

Thank you so much! (SKK Note: Designing 101 CD) Not only for your answer to my e-mail but all of your hard work putting this information together so that others can benefit. Cheryl   NJ

I had really ordered your book for me, but someone insisted on buying it, so please send me another one.   Judy

I've knit 2 sweaters out of your book.  Very nice!  I compliment you!  I can tell you have worked very hard.   Wendy

Absolutely love Book #1 -- Couldn't live without it!  Bonnie

I think your book is great!  I especially like the variety of styles and sizes.   Sally

I'm a beginner of only 1 year and I found your book quick and easy.   Elaine

My friends advise me Book #2 is a wonderful book.   Dorothy

I bought a few of the vest books and have made two of them.  They are great!  Thanks for making machining just a little bit easier for me! Thanks for a great seminar,   Louise

I have purchased and used your books often in the past 2 years, and have enjoyed them very much.  Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  Thank you for adding so much variety to my knitting.   Kathy

I just received the Designing 101 CD and I am thrilled with it!  It has all of the info I'd been looking for.  Keep up the good work. Thanks,  Lynn

Just a big thank you for making available the info on different tensions... I really need some sort of a guide to begin with and you have provided that. Shirley - San Diego

I just had to drop you a quick line and let you know how great I think your Kwik Knits books are.  I must tell you I am a B.B.W. (Big Beautiful Woman) and I could not be happier with your books.  Be sure and count me in on your new book.  I know it will be as great as the rest.   Irene

I have been borrowing a friends book and find that I enjoyed making my little girl's cardigan so much that I want your Book for myself.  Thank you for the wonderful demonstration on the cardigan band.  I think it is really a professional look and I love it.  Phyllis

I have your Bulky Book #3 and really enjoy using it, the patterns are so easy to follow.   Carol

I received the CD Video today and it worked! It is wonderful! I am sure I will be using it over and over! You really did a good job on that. I bet you are an outstanding teacher! Thank you so much for your help.   Jan

Just finished knitting a v-neck short sleeve cardigan from your book. Just had to tell you - I love it. I have never done the knit-in band before (SKK Note: Knit -In Band in Books 5,6,7 & 9)  - just don't know how on earth I missed it. I am not a novice knitter. Got my first machine in 1985. I now have a couple embroidery machines to compliment my knits. What fun I am having!! But, this knit-in band thing was new to me, and I wanted you to know how very much I like it. Donna in N.D.

Thank you for taking the time to write books to help people like me.  My machine and I still aren't "best friends" but we're getting better acquainted.   Shirley

I had borrowed your book from a friend and found it so easy to follow.  I especially like the variety of styles and sizes.  I am looking forward to many hours and sweaters of pleasure from your book.  Debbie

I have just knit my first sweater with my Brother 970 using one of your books. It was just great to use, better than the Brother magazines. After finishing this sweater I immediately ordered a bunch of other books!  You have just made a world of difference for me!  I had been trying for 4 months to knit a sweater!! Thanks so much for such knowledge!  Sandra - Canada

Please send me Sandee's Kwik Knit Book #7 (at last a pattern for us Larger Ladies!)  Darlette

I purchased Sandee's Kwik Knit's Sweaters for the Entire Family Book 1.  I enjoy it so much.  You did a beautiful job for beginners.  I've only had my machine a few weeks and I found this book.  It's fantastic!!  Perfectly written.  Keep up the great work. Ruby

I have really enjoyed using your books.  Being a new knitter they have been self explanatory and have given me confidence that I can make a sweater that is in style. Lynda

Please send me Book #2.  I have been trying to find this book, but the dealers are always "sold out".  I can understand, because I have really used Book #1, and am sure I will enjoy #2 as well.   Lillian

Just acquired a copy of your #1 book.  Wonderful!  Just what I need for my new (and old) machine knitters.  So concise and full of help.  I can't say enough good things for it.  The large (huge is more like it!) choice of yarns to use is great too.   Mary

My friend showed me your books and they are just the thing for my beginning students.   Judy

I bought your book which is great and I know my customers will enjoy it.  Linda

I have come along ways.  Do you have any new books on Baby Clothes?  I have the book "Kwik & Easy" Infant Apparel.  Please let me know I love your books. Thank you,   Glenda

Your books are great-- please keep up the good work!   Joyce

I recently started machine knitting and was told by my instructor that you have some of the best pattern books available.   Pat

I have spoken to some knitters who have used your patterns and was informed they are terrific.  Paula