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Seminar/Workshop Testimonial
Thanks Sandee -- I had a marvelous time at the workshop -- Double the pleasure for me because I was relieved of my parenting duties for two days.

I was chomping at the bit to get at my knitting machine after the class, and I'm happy to report that I just finished my first set of the baby tailored pants to a chorus of oohs and aahs from my nursery school board members.

Thanks for the great books. You have a remarkable talent for clear explanations.

Catie  --  CA

Sandee Cherry Machine Knitting Instructor Classes Seminars and Workshops

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Hints & Techniques

  • Using Bobbins
  • Hanging Hems
  • Weaving in Yarn Ends
  • Cutting Off Garments

Fun with Sideways Knits

  • Dolmans, Cap and Short Sleeves
  • Vertical Stripe Variations
  • Kwik Increase
  • Mock and Drop Stitch Lace
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Machine Knit Fringe
  • Yarn Weights
  • Double Strand Cast On/Bind Off

Jacket For All Seasons

  • Yarn Weights/Vests
  • Crab Stitch
  • Double Strand Cast On/Bind Off
  • 1 Hour Start to Finish
  • Tassels

Faux Sweater Wrap & Cape

  • How to Knit Cape
  • Adding Tassels/Beads
  • Six Ways to Wear Cape
  • How to Knit Faux Wrap
  • How to Sew and Put Together
  • Faux Sweater Sets

Hoods and Pouch Pockets

  • Knitting Hoods & Pockets
  • How to attach them to your garment

Garter Bar Techniques

  • Easy Garter Bar Cables
  • Turning Work
  • Speed Ripping
  • V-Neck Shaping
  • Increasing and Decreasing
  • Turning Toe on Socks
  • Cut 'N Sew Neckline
  • Weaving in Colors
  • Crochet Cast On

Designing 101 -- Charting Techniques

  • Magic Formula Hints
  • Altering Machine Knit Patterns
  • Changing a Hand Knit Pattern to Machine Knit
  • Re-Spacing Decreases and Buttonholes
  • Blocking Techniques
  • Calculator Gauge Hints
  • Finding the Proper Fit
  • Using your Computer to Paint a Swatch on a Sweater to See What it Will Look Like Before you Start Knitting.

Adding Color to Your Garments

  • Split Color Knitting
  • Intarsia Weaving

Pant's, Capri's & Tunic's

  • Knitting 40 min. Pant's and Capri's
  • Tunic Side Vents
  • Using Different Yarns
  • Mix and Match Garments


  • Knitting & Shaping Socks
  • G-carriage Socks

Cardigans For Standard & Bulky

  • Regular Cardigans with Knit-in Band
  • Hidden Zippers
  • Horizontal & Vertical Buttonbands
  • Easy Buttonholes
  • Steaming and Finishing

Cut 'N Sew Cardigans

  • Cut 'N Sew Crewnecks
  • Cut 'N Sew Cardigans
  • Vertical Buttonbands & Easy Buttonholes

Hoods and Pockets

  • Knitting Hoods and Pockets
  • How to attach them to your garment


Easy Shrugs & Boleros

  • Shrug or Bolero
  • How and When to Lengthen or Shorten
  • Knit-On Lace
  • Short-Rowed Bolero Front
  • Embellishments
  • Edge Variations
  • Machine Knit Fringe
  • Looped Fringe
  • Buttons, Ribbon, Belts, Buckles

Short Rowing in Color Made Easy

  • Knitting With Colors Without Floats
  • Using Different Yarns
  • Short Row Techniques

Wrap Sweaters

  • Bringing Your Out-Dated Wardrobe Back into Style
  • Closures/Embellishments
  • Knitting Hem Variations
  • Shaping Hints and Guidelines
  • Making for Year-Round Wear
  • Machine Roping
  • Hang Marker Cord Rows
  • Making Front into One Piece at Bottom

Needle Tatted Cross

  • Holding Thread
  • Learning Tatted Stitch
  • Picots
  • 1 Hour Start to Finish
  • Tassels

Fun & Easy Items to Knit

  • Apron's in 2 styles
  • Lace Christmas Tree Angel
  • Golf Club Covers
  • Lined Mittens
  • Oversized Cover-up or Night Shirt
  • Christmas Tree Skirt

G-Carriage Afghans

  • Pocket Pillow Afghan
  • Knit on Fringe
  • Machine Roping
  • Setting up G-Carriage

Shirt Jacket with Removable Collar

  • Removable Collar Techniques
  • Side Vents
  • Ribber Buttonholes
  • Mix and Match Outfits

Easy Woven Coats

  • Weaving Techniques
  • Collars & Pockets
  • Buttonholes in Weaving

V-Neck Vests With Patch Pocket

  • Patch Pocket
  • V-Tab Front
  • Various Finishing Techniques

Christmas Potpourri

  • Christmas Stockings
  • Ornaments
  • Dainty Lady

Hats & Scarves

  • Lined Stocking Hat & Scarf
  • Button Scarf
  • Circular Hats

Tank Tops

  • Elasticized
  • Ribbed Button Band


  • Setting in Padded Puff Sleeves
  • Knit-in Sleeves

Kwik & Easy Baby Garments

  • 1 Piece Gown
  • Hooded Towel, Washcloth
  • Dress


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