Stylish Blends Using Knits and Fabric

Stylish Blends Using Knits and Fabric for Knitting Machines Sandee's Kwik Knit

(Book #51)

Back view of garments! (The fronts are knit.)
Stylish Blends Using Knits and Fabric

You will have so much fun making these one-of-a-kind tops! They are great for all seasons with 3 Set-In Sleeve Lengths.   Included are Numerous Variations, Hints & Techniques and Mock Lace.

Do you have older garments that don’t fit but you still don’t want to get rid of them?! Repurpose them! Maybe you have fabric you have purchased and have been waiting for that special top to use it on… this is it! Upcycling, recycling, refashion, repurposing whatever you want to call it... have fun and use your imagination for these tops. It is great to repurpose garments and along with your knitting make something completely different than what you started with. Make sure you take "Before and After" pictures so you can show your family and friends what you started with!

•Beginner to Advanced Knitter
•Any Brand of Standard Gauge Knitting Machine
•Sizes: Juniors' & Women's 32-54

Book 51 - $15.00