Year-Round Vest with Detachable Collars

Sideway Knit Sweaters for Knitting Machines Sandee's Kwik Knit

(Book #52)

Year-Round Vest with Detachable Collars

This is simply sensational as a layer for any season! Included with the Vest are Numerous Collar Variations, plus many Hints. 

The graceful drape makes them sooo irresistible! The design details on the cleverly pieced front panel are what make it really special so it works wonders for all figures. You will also find the exceptional detail to the detachable faux fur, satin-lined collar brings touchable luxury to this vest. It can be worn for any occasion with or without the many seasonal collar choices to pick from.

•Beginner to Advanced Knitter
•Any Brand of Standard Gauge Knitting Machine
•Sizes: Juniors' & Women's 32-54

Book 52 - $15.00